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Self-Esteem Builders

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Ladies, there are many ways to build your Self-Esteem; here are a few to start with...

1) Educate yourself- both informally and formally (there's nothing more empowering than being educated and in the know about something). 

Try something new - join a sport; you only know what you're good at if you try it.

2) Pick something you like about yourself, and express it daily.  I'm good at.... I like my hair....

3) Create a "Brag Book"- list your daily accomplishments. 

4) Aim for accomplishment as opposed to perfection. 

5) Set Goals - Write it down. 

6) Become a giver- give away your time, help an elderly person, tutor a classmate.

7) Surround yourself- with positive, proactive, and uplifting people. 

8) Last but not least, create a vision board for yourself (it's never too soon),  and place it somewhere in your constant visual.  

You are on your way; and remember there's nobody like you, so do you better than anyone else can.