Danielle Langford on "You Tube" giving a message of Empowerment to a group of Women Entrepreneurs. The name of the presentation "The New B Word." Check it out!

Danielle has been featured on the cover of Bolingbrook Bugle Newspaper (link below).


Danielle is featured as Faculty Spotlight with College of Dupage, where she is offering her empowering courses to students all over the Multi-county area.


AAUW -Tech Saavy Workshop with a focus on Girls & Technology.

Served as a Moderator for Quad Urban League; panel topic on Work/Life Balance.

Consultant for High Schools on starting a support group for girls.

Bolingbrook's largest Middle School- topic presented "Healthy Relationships."

"Love Your Selfie Conference" partnered with Benedictine College.

Facilitated Workshop with Summer Leadership Academy for Girls.

Featured as a guest on WVON (with Theresa Dear), Sirius XM Radio, and The Dolly McCarthy Show.

Hired to promote Self-Esteem workshop for Sorority AKA.

Book Launch Weekend 2016