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The Affects of Social Media

Posted on January 19, 2015 at 9:10 AM

Social Media

The relationship between Social Media, Self-Worth and Self-Esteem is worth examining.  Too often we are looking for validation from our Social Media outlets; be it Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram.  It's all set up in a way where we receive instant gratification (likes, retweets, comments, etc.).  Research has shown that 50% of of users (from the pool of participants) reported that their Self-esteem suffered when they compare themselves to their online friends. What does this mean to you?  Should you measure how many likes you have, or work on liking yourself more?  

Social Media is not solely responsible for us seeking external validation; but it certainly facilitates it. And it can be used for positivity, like spreading good news, celebrating you and other's accomplishments.  It becomes a negative force when comments are used to hurt, harm, or tear down another individual.  We are all human and feel bad when our feelings are hurt.  BE RESPONSIBLE, and  practice being responsible. 

Here are few Telltale signs that Social Media may be affecting your Self-Esteem and Self-Worth, or has become unhealthy.

1) If your behavior becomes addictive (you can't live without snapchat, facebook, or any other social media).  And it has become disruptive to your real-world thoughts and interactions. You feel worried or anxious when you can't access your Social Media.  It's time to take a break and reevaluate your usage (Ask for help from a parent, or you and a friend challenge each other to give up access for a week). 

2) If Social Media affects your mood.  If you feel bad or worse about yourself after participating in Social Media activity; and unable to bounce back and engage with friends or family. Studies have shown that girls and women who spent long periods of time on facebook, or photocentric networks had more problems with their Body Image, and were more self-conscience about their physical appearance.  Remember this is not the REAL WORLD.  You are only seeing a snapshot of what others want to show you. 

3) If you are measuring your success by others perspective successes. Jealousy in social media can become like a cancer and spread very rapidly; killing all the good intentions of another person.  BE CAREFUL not to promote envy and jealousy.  Remember  success isn't measured by who has the best body, most likes, or followers, but success is based on being your BEST SELF, having faith in yourself, and knowing that you could never be duplicated.  BE YOURSELF. 

Sometimes when our computers or smartphones start to malfunction, or stop working.  We either unplug it, shut it down, or reset it.  Maybe it's time to unhook from Social Media, and reevaluate how you feel about yourself.  Hit the reset button, so that you may be happier and healthier, and lead a life based on your best SELFIE :).

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