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Posted on December 4, 2014 at 2:50 PM
Self-Esteem; To think highly of oneself.  Let's think about that for just a second.  How highly do you think of yourself?  
Is it reflected in the things you tell yourself; about yourself? Are you seeking validation from the outside; from followers
on social media? What does your "selfie" say about you?  
To achieve Self-esteem (yes it is an achievement) you have to work on complimenting yourSELF; especially
in those times of self-doubt. It is attained from the inside out; not the other way around.  If
you want to lose 20lbs, you may feel great, and look great on the outside, but if you still feel lost
and confused and unworthy on the inside, the feeling will dissipate, and the weight will probably return.  
It is only until you know that your value does not depend on sizes or any other outside factor,
 that you will shine, no matter what the size or exterior cirmcumstance.

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